Experience Gamification



Picture or IBM simulation game called CityOne

IBM created a simulation game (one of many in the INNOV8 series) that teaches users about energy systems. Users learn how to serve the city by making the energy systems more efficient. Players learn how to use technology to solve real-world business, environmental, and logistical problems. The CityOne game effectively teaches users Business Process Management, Collaborative Technologies, and Service Oriented Architecture to solve problems. Anyone can sign up to play the game, which makes it an excellent lead generator for IBM.



Picture of a young woman hold empty plastic bottles

Recyclebank implemented a gamified waste diversion program. The outcome is an increase in recycling rates and a 16 percent reduction of landfill rates. Recyclebank is an online platform that collaborates with more than 3,000 local businesses and over a hundred national brands. The company rewards customers for recycling though discounts and coupons from the major brands and local businesses that partner with them.
The website uses engaging, gamified techniques to encourage participants gently to take small actions to help the environment. First time visitors to the site get to experience a short, interactive educational module before they are ask to sign up.

Picture of eMee's gamified survey screen


eMee is a social gamification platform. The site’s quick and pleasant interactive survey is another example of using gamification techniques to engage the visitors on the site.